How to make an entrance into the music industry

How to make an entrance into the music industry

Sharky (Independet Music Artist)

Sharky (Independet Music Artist)

World wide the number of independent artist has doubled to approximately 3 Billion but only a few manage to make it on to the commercial scene and remain underground till their career deteriorates, but there’s some hope for those who are still on the ground level. How to make an entrance on to the music industry:

1. Quality investment

Quality remains an important part of music. how does an artist ensure this? Invest money in a professional sound engineer & the top Video Director. A well thought out & themed Cover Art should be able to attract attention, before an initial release.

2. A Marketing Strategy

This includes sponsored promos, communicating with Journalists & Bloggers to hype your product. Knowing radio & TV programs, that attract a lot of Viewers & Listeners will help you know the time and place to debut a song. it’s Wiser to plan a launch as well so as to help the fans familiarize with the project. Also the timing of a release is important, forecasting & analyzing social, economic & political transitions will help you to properly package your product to meet current conditions.

3. Image

It’s a requirement that an artist takes up an image that can attract a target market. Attracting an older audience may require the artist to dress smart casual & attracting a younger audience may require you to look funky. The main aim of image is to dress & look different from the competition.

4. Persistence

After you drop the first project make sure you give the fans more. The trick is to stay on the scene, be relevant year in year out and be able to monetize your music via music selling platforms, it is also wiser to register for royalties with a suitable distributor.

5. Team Work

Always have a team of loyal friends to help you rise in your conquests. People who are energetic enough to hype your music verbally & on social media in other words have that entourage, a manager, a DJ, a photographer .etc.

6. Eye Candy

Always stay on the social eye, post a picture or a video on Social Media on a daily basis, make the fans love you, it’s important to keep up appearances, if there’s an elite event be seen there, it will keep people interested in knowing who you are.

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